About Coinglobalmatrix

Our company offers a unique platform in its class, which allows you to receive decent long-term income from personal investments for each investor. One of the main objectives of our business is to provide our clients with the opportunity to receive stable passive income in safe conditions.

This result is possible thanks to a professional and experienced team that works with maximum performance for the investor in some of the most liquid areas: Forex, futures and cryptocurrencies trading. It is the combination of several powerful tools at the same time that allows you to obtain the maximum result for all the indicators and, in the long term, demonstrate an excellent return on our investment offer.

2020, according to all forecasts of the financial market, should be as profitable as possible, since the new decade always begins with rapid changes. And we are ready to enter it fully equipped, using the maximum possible tools to make a profit for our clients. We will show a serious focus on the world of Internet investments, and we are ready to provide our partners with profitable revenue solutions.

our services

Providing optimal solutions


We offer a wide variety of loan to address a wide variety of customer needs.

forex Trading

Our Forex trading system to ensure long-term stable profits for our investors.


We work with Uninterrupted Futures Trading, which allows trading without expiration date.


Our portfolio includes high-frequency automated trading of crypto currencies.


How we work

The company has a number of unique trading techniques that make use of highly intelligent and self-learning trading systems. We also have our own software developments and trading algorithms, which enable us to considerably improve the efficiency of transactions and reduce the time required to study market trends to make the most optimal trading decisions.

The company manages its own business using the best and advanced breakthroughs in marketing technologies and online finance management, as well as banking, exchange and cryptocurrency assets.